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What is koma taisen?

KOMATAISEN is a tournament that gather together small and medium sized manufacturing association (SME’s) from all Japan. These companies put all their soul in designing and making Koma (spintop) to participate in spintop fight battles.

The Koma (spintop) must have a diameter of 20mm or less, overall length is up to 60 mm. These small Koma (spintop) are designed and created with highly sophisticated unique “in-house” manufacturing techniques from participants from all over Japan. Koma (spintop), are great because at first glance you can not notice the initial quality, however they have been manufactured with professional precision.

The Koma enter the ring against their competitor and collide with each to fight to determine the winner. The overall winner of the competition will win all the Koma (spintop) from all the other participating competitors.

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All Japan Manufacturing Industry KOMATAISEN G1 World Championship 2020
December 19sa, 2020
Yokohama City Hall 1F Atrium
  • Winners from 5 national tournaments.
  • Winners from All Japan Highschool tournament.
  • Winners from other regional tournaments.
KOMATAISEN World Championship 2020 committee.
Sponsored by
  • NPO All Japan Manufacturing Industrial KOMATAISEN.
  • City of Yokohama.